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About Us

Our restless spirit moves us to innovate intuitively, quickly and simply.

We are passionate about innovations that transform people and businesses.

We are an innovative startup ready to offer a new experience to the fastest growing market in the world. We connect:

So, we can implement disruptive and differentiated solutions to simplify and generate value in the management of the Beauty and Welfare business. We use as a basis Project Thinking, Visual Management, Agility, Applied Neuroscience and PEOPLE!

Being accessible anytime, anywhere, in a browser, tablet or smartphone. We use state-ofthe-art technology, we want to create a long-term relationship and not just close a deal.

We are Inovatto and we will build together the future of your business.

We are young, but with the experience of grown-ups. The system was born in 2017 with the support and experience of the consolidated ECosmetics International Salon present in Brazil, as well as in North America, Europe, Africa and the United Arab Emirates, and HSB Hair School Business, awarded the title of World's Best School for Hairdressers at the Hairworld Global Awards in Paris.

Our Business
Be exponential, showing that the success of the beauty business is accessible to everyone.

Faith, Passion, Learn and teach, Empathy, Ambition, Determination and Focus


We are moved by a great ideal:
To build a culture of excellence by bringing good people together who share a great dream. Impacting the beauty and wellness business with solutions that transform people and their businesses.


To spread technological solutions, knowledge and good practices for every beauty professional determined to succeed.

Gildarth Barroso


Edson José Borgo


Try to be innovative. Try to be inovatto!

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