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Has your business
grown bigger?

Is it getting more and more difficult to manage your timetable and financial schedule, control the stock and access information in real time for decision-making?

Wherever you are
we will also be.

The cloud management platform was tailor-made to:

  • Beauty salons

  • Barber shops

  • Spas

  • Aesthetic clinics

What does Inovatto have?


Setting schedules for its customers to enjoy its services has become even easier with Inovatto. The system centralizes plenty of information in one place and still reports on all scheduled appointments in its beauty salon, barber shop, aesthetic clinics and SPA.

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It offers the best products to its customers while they are inside its establishment and tries to diversify the way to invoice. Inovatto has complete sales modules that will contribute to the growth and success of your beauty salon, barber shop, aesthetic clinics and SPA.


Calculate commissions automatically for each employee of your establishment.

Financial control

Keeping track of all your cash receipts, cashier's check, and cashier's card is one way to keep your business under control. The Inovatto financial control module is complete and integrated with other modules, bringing agility and security in the information release.

Stock control

Keeping a stock control is essential in many fields and in the beauty industry is no different. Just imagine, a customer comes into your establishment and you do not have the product they are looking for: with Inovatto you keep all incoming and outgoing information of registered products, being able to extract reports of those that are more sold and many other functionalities.

Price table and promotion

Inovatto has in the stock and service management modules a functionality for you to create, update and manage several price lists with convenience and much more ease!

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